Renewables without Flexible Thermal Generation mean curtailment

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What does it happen when Thermal Power Generation is not flexible enough? The more renewable capacity the more renewable curtailment. Period.

We are wasting green MWhs and replacing them by CO2 based MWhs unnecesarily. This is increasing the LCoE (Levelized Cost of Energy) and reducing the profitability of the investor. So apetite to invest in renewables decrease and Thermal Power Plants remain more necessary. Then Energy Transition becomes more difficult to achieve and the required time to decarbonize the mix is extended.

You can see below a visualization of the evolution of monthly renewable curtailment in CAISO (CAlifornia Independent System Operator) along the years:

It seems crazy how the curtailment is bosting month by month, peaking on April 2022 with nearly 600 GWhs cumulatively.

Thermal Power Plants are necessary to complete renewables in the mix but if they are not flexible enough in their operations, they constraint the room for renewables in the mix.

ADEX enhances Flexible Operation in Thermal Power Plants, increasing ramping rates and decreasing the Minimum Technical Load.

Investing in Flexible Operation ensures a smooth Energy Transition and reduce the overall emissions.

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