Plant Health Sensor

Plant Health Sensor - ADEX

It is a tool to diagnosis non-obvious of elements of the Plant

  • Failures
  • Malfunctioning’s
  • Faults
  • Performance loses

We extend the features of the installed ADEX Control System Optimizer and add expert analysis on data. As results, performance is increased once again and plant availability is improved.

ADEX Controllers could be used as non-intrusive sensors which listen to other elements. The ADEX Control System enables the proactive detection of problems in both critical variables under control and other indirect variables, e.g.:

  • Due to corrosion, ashes, etc.
  • Malfunctioning of valves, sensors, etc.

The Core of the Health Sensor: Stabilization of process outcome.

  • LEFT (with conventional control): If outcome is not stable enough even the best Big Data system cannot extract conclusions from changing behaviors on I/O.
  • RIGHT (with ADEX): But if it is stable, changes on I/O could be analyzed and warnings are extracted easily.
Plant Health Sensor - ADEX


We realized that a 30€ filter costed us 30K€ only in fuel plus the thermal stress Head of I&C at 1158 MW coal-fired power plant.
  • Health Sensor detected a malfunction on an attemperator spray valve: unexpected delay only when opening.
  • Plant Operator found a failure on vent valve filter, following Sensor indications.
  • Due to ADEX Control System the Plant was performing properly, so no warning at Dispatch, but working forced.