Primary Emissions Reducer

Reduce up to 60% of CO or 40% of NOX without any investment on additional hardware or I&C.

Primary Emssions Reducer - ADEX

Emission Levels are being challenged by regulators day by day. This is forcing Thermal Power Plants to either investing in expensive additional equipment or working in low performance operations.

ADEX can help plants on reducing notably the primary emissions in conjunction with the combustion optimization. This enables to work efficiently under regulated emission levels and can avoid part or all the required investment on hardware to be compliant.

When we say “notably”, we mean real cases of 60% of CO reduction or 40% of NOx reduction without any CAPEX on hardware or on extra I&C.

The minimization of emissions under automatic control will represent a significant progress that can be achieved by ADEX Platform. It will drive accurately the oxygen level to a minimum set point value that will reduce NOx level, CO level and unburned fuel. While performing this operation, it will automatically seek for the best air distribution to the boiler that minimizes the NOx level, by acting on the position of the corresponding dampers.

ADEX Emissions Reducer is one of the final steps on supporting power plants to become HELE plants.