Do you wish your Power Plant more Flexible, more Dispatchable and Cleaner?

Apply for a 100% discount in a bespoken Room for Improvement Analysis

ADEX runs this promotion for those interested in improving its power plants.

If your plant is selected, you will get a free Room for Improvement Analysis valued at 12.000 EUR.

You do not need to install anything. We will request a short dataset of a handful of signals from your historian.

Our engineers will perform a Room for Improvement Analysis using our Self-tuning AI Platform.

room for improvement analysis example
Extract from a Steam Temperature Room for Improvement Analysis

Get an estimation of the potential improvement

The final goal is to find out potential issues that are limiting your plant to be more flexible or efficient. You may obtain reports and conclusions around:

  • Load ramps magnitude and frequency and their impact on flexibility and efficiency.
  • Breakdown of operation time in different efficiency bands.
  • Thermal stress peaks and thermal fatigue periods.
  • Expected revenue growth if identified challenges are addressed and solved.

You can opt for two different processes to be subject of the Room for Improvement Analysis:

  • SH and RH Steam Temperature: a variable with a great impact on heat rate, thermal stress, and flexibility.
  • Drum level: a typical constraint when load cycling.

Just give us your contact details, the kind of plant, and the selected process you would like to analyze. We will call you to qualify the plant before the final selection.

Be prepared for a professional report and some constructive criticism!

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