Results of DoE power plant optimization project to be shared at EPRI Conference

ADEX and PacifiCorp will present at the 2022 EPRI Annual Generation Flexibility Conference the results of a US DoE Project to optimize a coal-fired power plant in Utah (USA).

We will share how Hunter Plant, owned by PacifiCorp,

  • has drastically reduced its thermal stress and fatigue, increasing the life expectancy of the equipment
  • has improved the performance of the plant
  • has enhanced an additional reduction of minimum technical load

Flexible Operation challenges a power plant’s ability to produce safe, reliable, affordable, and environmentally responsible electricity. The risks from flexible operation must be properly identified and managed so they can be weighed against the benefits of flexible operation to the plant. Subcritical fossil, Supercritical fossil, and Combined Cycle units are increasingly required to operate in flexible modes which may include:

  • load following,
  • weekend shutdowns,
  • daily on/off shutdowns,
  • and extended shutdowns.

In response to these new operating modes units have explored options to increase unit turndown, ramp rates, turnaround times, and change fuels. These new operating modes and changes in operating strategy alter damage mechanisms prevalent in the units necessitating new asset management strategies. The damage mechanisms in major components and evolving management strategies resulting from this shift in thermal power plant generating operation are the primary focus of this conference. 

The Conference will be an hybrid event, combining face-to-face sessions with online presentations.

It will be held between

July 25 – July 29, 2022


EPRI Charlotte

1200 W. WT Harris Blvd Bldg 3

Charlotte, North Carolina, USA


You can know more about the event here: AGENDA

If you plan to be around, please contact us in advance to arrange a short meeting with our representatives there.