Round Table Series by TCS and ADEX about the New Role of Thermal Power Plants

Tata Consultancy Services and ADEX have recently signed a Global Partnership Agreement and are launching a series of online Round Table events in different regions to open a debate with Industry Experts from different angles about the present and future of Thermal Power Plants, which may be useful for other Utilities, IPPs and Asset Managers.

1st Round Table. India & APAC

2nd Round Table. USA

3rd Round Table. Europe

“Self-Tuning AI for carbon neutral, flexible power generation”

“Asset improvements and High Performance of Thermal Power Plants in the New Generation context”

Presentation of the “Autonomous Power Plant” white paper and industry challenges debate for Thermal Power Plants”

Delivered: 31st May 2022

Delivered: 18th October 2022

Delivered: 1st March 2023

The Context

There is a demand for a New Electricity Market, determined by social pressure for sustainable energy, national and regional Energy Transition Plans ruled by Governments, and investors pushing to move to Renewable Energy.

This New Market is aiming for an electricity mix with a higher percentage of renewable energy which is forcing Thermal Power Plants to be much more flexible, completing the demand not produced by renewables or even acting as their backup. Really, stakeholders, governments, and society, in general, are aiming for a Market without ANY thermal power.

However, whether we like it or not, the reality is that we will need 20-30-40 years to achieve a scenario where 80% or more of the global electricity is produced by renewables. And in the short term, this is aggravated by facts such as:

  • Fuel prices are sky-rocketing in some regions
  • Renewable Curtailment is increasing
  • Lack of an Utility-scale storage
  • The investment required in renewables to replace the thermal power is so huge that it will need dozens of years to be spent

So enhancing Flexible Operations for Thermal Power Plants is an urgent and mandatory subject. Not only to survive in this environment but to be more dispatchable and profitable.

Tata Consultancy Services and ADEX working together

  • ADEX is a cleantech company headquartered in Europe and the USA that commissions systems worldwide. ADEX develops a disruptive Self-tuning AI Control Technology which is an Enabler for Energy Transition. It helps existing power plants to be cleaner, more flexible, and more efficient. Thus, they can be more dispatchable and enable renewable energy generation to be brought into the mix. ADEX Technology also improves the performance of Wind Turbine Generators and extends their lifetime.
  • This breakthrough is the outcome of years of Research and Development, realized at MIT. Since then, the Technology has been implemented in more than 150 projects. ADEX’s customers are companies such as PacifiCorp in the USA, ENEL in Europe or Naturgy in LatAm.
  • ADEX presented some of its latest results last July at EPRI’s annual Generation Flexibility Conference
  • Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is an IT services, consulting and business solutions global organization with US $25 bn in revenues. TCS offers a consulting-led, cognitive powered, integrated portfolio of business, technology and engineering services and solutions.
  • TCS IP2TM is a cloud-based PaaS solution that combines AI, ML, IoT and digital twin technologies into a pre-built industrial analytics platform. Purpose-built use cases have been developed and deployed on top of this platform to transform operation and maintenance of power plants to enhance their reliability, improve flexibility, cut emissions and reduce operating costs.

Additional Information

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Worldwide leaders on Flexible Operation of Thermal Power Plants - ADEX
Flexible Operations in Thermal Power Plants

ADEX can improve the heat rate and decrease emissions at any load

"We have increased 60% of our ramping rates and decreased a 24% our Minimum Load Point"
"TCS’ solution, built from individual AI-based digital twins of all equipment and sub-systems of the power plant, enables better analysis of problems and early detection of faults"
Delivering Value through Digital Technologies

Business operations optimization and asset performance management.