Steam Attemperator Optimizer

Avoid steam temperature excursion which can damaged the turbine while increasing the flexibility of a Thermal Power Plant

Steam Attemperator Optimizer - ADEX

Today thermal power plants are flexing load as much as 10% load to 100 % load multiple times a day, and they are picking up turbine cycles where they have bore metal temperature changes over 25ºC. Even though the average temperature ramp rates are within the Starting And Loading Indications (SALI) chart limitations, instantaneous temperature ramps are not, so turbine is being damaged.

Customers need to invest time and money to improve control but process dynamics will not ever allow them to be good enough.

However, with ADEX Technology, customers can transition from one load to the other without exceeding temperature ramp limits on the turbine rotor.

Our Steam Attemperator Optimizer can smoothly drive the temperature along an optimal ramp trajectory on load changes and, particularly, on startups. Then ADEX platform can optimize steam temperature and maintain the best physical balance between ramp speed and bore metal limits.

This should minimize the thermal fatigue of the equipment, avoid frequent plant trips, increase plant operational safety, minimize costly expenses for equipment repair or replacement, and enlarge significantly equipment life expectancy. Additionally, the stability provided to steam temperatures by ADEX, will enable a significant increase in their set points, resulting in a better heat rate for the plant, higher productivity and saving of CO2 emissions.

This control is part of the ADEX Superheated & Reheated Steam Temperature process control and will certainly mean a significant improvement in every thermal power plant as it already happens in all our customers.

Steam Attemperator Adaptive Predictive Expert Control is the first step on our effort to support Power Plants in their way toward HELE (High Efficiency Low Emissions) plants.