TCS and ADEX Partnership

Energy transition is forcing Thermal power plants to be agile – as reliable, autonomous, backup capacity. But are they geared for this challenge? Rise of renewable generation and subsequent cyclic operations has caused reduction in plant performance, high emissions, thermal stress, deteriorating asset health, instability in minimum load. This impacts their efficiency, reliability, profitability, and long-term sustainability.

While there are solutions for these, most often it includes expensive retrofits. But what if Self-tuning AI holds the answer with a simple add-on approach to the existing plant DCS systems that can turn tables and make flexible operations into an opportunity rather than a problem?

TCS and ADEX are partnering to bring the Next Generation of solutions for Flexible Power Generation. We unpack the nuances of enabling flexible operations and the interplay of control loop optimization and process optimization which is essential to realize this goal. A futuristic mix of technologies such as self-tuning AI, digital twins and IoT are leveraged in the right domain context to realize value. Many utilities have been pioneers in this approach and you could leap from their shoulders!

ADEX capabilities bring clear synergies with TCS. Power Plants in the new Energy Market need both, better control at any load, and optimized setpoints.

Power Plants are forced to operate in new and changing optimal points where the plant is not stable enough with its current design, equipment, and control system. If your current conventional control system using PID controllers is struggling to deliver a regular setpoint during flexible operation, imagine if you request a new optimal and more challenging setpoint. Oscillations could be risky and trip the plant.

ADEX stabilizes and automates those critical processes, ensuring that the process variables are really on the desired setpoints and bringing the process to a new performance level. For example, It avoids peaks and drops of SH steam temperature when cycling load, reducing drastically the thermal stress and thermal fatigue and increasing the efficiency of the plant.

Our disruptive control technology enables the achievement of new setpoints that optimize the plant while being more stable and accurate

So, when the ADEX system is combined with the TCS IP2™ solution, you are getting a double effect:

  • TCS IP2™ is optimizing the plant through new optimal setpoints
  • ADEX is improving the plant behavior through better regulation of the process. We deliver that new setpoint without oscillations.

It seems like the perfect match!

Additionally, as both TCS and ADEX have a SW approach based on Artificial Intelligence, the synergies are pretty clear.

TCS and ADEX sponsoring a Series of Round Tables about the

The solutions of TCS and ADEX can enable the Energy Transition Plans to ensure a reliable and efficient electricity supply. The role of Thermal Power Plants, particularly coal-fired power plants and Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plants, is pivotal to ensuring a fair and just transition during the next 10, 20, or even 30 years.

Thus, both companies are sponsoring a number of Round Tables around the world where different industry experts bring their different points of view of the situation, its challenges, and the opportunities to address them. Join us in the next event or listening to the recording of those already held: