The Control Problem

It is widely acknowledged that industrial processes when controlled automatically do not operate with optimal performance and generally suffer instability problems.

“State of the art automatic control methodologies generally result in fixed parameter control systems, where the parameters are tuned for specific operating conditions. However, in practice, when process dynamics corresponding to the specific operating conditions and the real ones diverge, the control system parameters become detuned and performance deteriorates introducing instability.”

The president of the IEEE Control Systems Society, Edwin Chong, in an article published in April 2017 by the prestigious IEEE Control Systems Magazine referred to this fact as “The Control Problem”.

ADEX uses adaptive predictive control, including a self-tuning feature that automatically addresses process and environmental uncertainties and identifies and tracks actual process. ADEX Technology needs no accurate knowledge of the process dynamics, its changes with time, or perturbations acting on the process and can handle uncertainty and unknown perturbations while maintaining desired performance