Webinar – Self-tuning AI enables Power Plants flexible generation

The rise in renewable generation presents new operating challenges for fossil fueled fired power plants. Renewable penetration leads to increased cycling and load following operation at fossil‐fueled units. Existing coal & gas power plants must address flexibility and emission compliance issues to maintain dispatchability.
These challenges have led to a new proven approach to traditional PID/DCS control systems using adaptive controls with industrial plug-and-play features in a layered architecture that does not require Big Data or Machine Learning.

ADEX‘s patented disruptive control technology incorporates a Self-tuning AI Platform that adjusts design parameters to improve operating flexibility without introducing added operating risk. This Self-tuning AI adjusts the control system parameters in real time to compensate for changes in the operating conditions. The ADEX Self-tuning AI Platform predicts the evolution of the process variables, driving and stabilizing them in their optimal operating points boosting performance and increasing safety, availability, reliability and profitability of the unit.

In this informative webinar, Jose Martínez, CEO of ADEX, discusses an energized AI platform that does not require additional investment on equipment or I&C. 

Roy Reid, Plant Manager of Bizkaia Energia, shares his views on the technology on their CCGT and will join the webinar for a panel discussion.

Specific topics addressed include:

  • Applying the self-tuning AI platform to improve thermal efficiency, increase flexibility, and reduce emissions in coal, gas, biomass and WTE power plants
  • Addressing load changes, start-up flexibility, and ramping rate constraints in CCGT plants
  • Case study highlighting a 150% increased ramping rate with a 25% decrease in Minimum Load Point at Bizkaia Energia, a 786 MW CCGT plant
  • Payback & ROI considerations


Jose Martínez | CEO | ADEX

Jose Martínez is CEO of ADEX. A seasoned Expert in commercialization of innovations and high value products across the energy and industrial power markets. Jose has a MSc in Industrial Engineering from the Universidad de Zaragoza and several other degrees & certifications in effective business management & governance.

Roy Reid | Plant Director | Bizkaia Energia

Roy Reid is a Power Generation Professional with more than 30 years international experience operating, maintaining and managing conventional and combined cycle generation technologies.
[From minute 37 to 44]

John Evans | Moderator | Krishnan & Associates

John Evans brings over 35 years of experience in the energy industry for a range of innovative energy technologies. He has been with K&A for nearly 15 years involved in technical content creation, technology feasibility studies and webinar moderation