ADEX Technology makes a positive impact on Wind Turbine Generator's Operations

When our Self-tuning AI Technology is embedded in the wind turbine control system, we bring incremental benefits to its operations:

1. ADEX Self-tuning AI control improves on real time the performance of the wind turbine

2. Operational wind range is extended, enabling a higher generation of electricity

3. Increasing life expectancy of equipment

windmills in turbulent wind flow - ADEX

Under Turbulent Wind Conditions

ADEX is able to reduce deviations:

  • +30% on the size of the speed of rotation
  • +60% on power

We improves the stability, avoiding excessive loads and equipment fatigue and deterioration

Under Wind Gust Conditions

ADEX is able to reduce deviations:

  • 34% on the size of the speed of rotation
  • 98% on power
  • the duration of the disturbance caused by the gust

We increase the useful wind range under stable and safe operating conditions

wind speed limit - ADEX
Human head with AI wires showing ADEX Inside model

In conjunction with the turbine manufacturer, we customize the control stragies for any of their wind turbine generator platforms. Once tested and validated, our Self-tuning AI is embedded in the existing PLC under an “ADEX Inside” model.

Thanks to our disruptive and patented Controller, the system auto adjusts their control parameters to each of the locations of the wind turbine within the farm and to the specific conditions of the wind in each particular moment.

The reduction of loads, that the application of ADEX Inside product will entail, and its adaptation to the dynamics of the process will allow the redesign of advanced wind turbines with more flexible and lighter structures in the near future. That will optimize wind energy capture and lower production costs and installation.