ADEX joins EPRI’s Climate READi initiative to promote Resilience & Adaptation of Generation Assets

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As 1-in-50 or 1-in-100-year extreme events of the past increase in frequency, and society increasingly depends on electricity, EPRI is strengthening the power sector’s collective approach to managing climate risk to the power system. And as the economy electrifies and decarbonizes, energy grid reliability and resilience will be paramount. Energy companies, regulators, policymakers, and other industry stakeholders require science-based insights about the future power system and the environment in which it will operate to identify optimal adaptation and resilience investments. EPRI’s collaborative model will convene the global thought leaders and scientific researchers necessary to build an informed and consistent approach.

The Climate READi™ Affinity Group (CRAG) is comprised of individuals from academia, consulting, finance and insurance institutions, non-governmental organizations, national labs, regulators and government—among others—bringing their expertise to address the critical challenge around resilience and adaptation to the energy sector. Members may also serve on READi Affinity Working Groups, established for each technical workstream as well as topical areas like climate disclosure and climate justice.

ADEX supports Resilience and Adaptation of existing generation assets

ADEX develops a disruptive and patented Self-tuning AI control system that helps Thermal Power Plants and Wind Turbine Generators to be more efficient, more flexible and extend their life time. But particularly, ADEX is a great solution in extremely dynamic conditions.

If you are interested, you can read the Case Study of Ecoelectrica in Puerto Rico, where the  Technology avoided a blackout in the island thank to its adaptive control and enhanced the reliability of the power plant for potential further events.

ADEX supports multiple Energy Transition activities and its Technology enables new ways to make that transition to happen. Nevertheless, Adaptation of existing generation assets is key to ensure a fair, secure and feasible transition.

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ADEX Technology was launched from MIT years ago. Since then, ADEX has invested Millions of dollars to R&D and build a family of patents and trade secrets. ADEX Technology has been commissioned in +160 projects, 65 of them in the Energy Sector, collecting 16 GW of power.

Subject matters of ADEX will participate in different activities of the Climate READi initiative, trying to add value to the conversations and definitely learning for peers.