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ADEX has developed & patented a disruptive control system technology for power plant instrumentation & control optimization using Self-Tuning AI.

This Technology boosts performance and increases economic outcomes, safety and reliability within industrial applications.

Our customers say we are 'The World Experts on Industrial Performance', 'the Navy Seals of Control Systems' or 'The Extra Speed of Power Plants'. Reality is current control systems give your engineers a regular car and we give you a racing car for the same price.

Why should you choose our Technology?

After 25 years of Mathematical Research & Development in the most innovative Technological Centers as MIT, Greenoble University or University of Alberta, Adaptive Predictive technology was patented and successfully proven on several industrial applications for 5 years.

Then ADEX productized its technology and started to commercialize it on global basis.

Today our Technology is enabling +110M€ of annual savings or extra incomes to our customers.

Getting used to well accepted unsolved problems is not enough today

+150Projects delivered worldwide

  • Experts on Flexible Operation and Industrial Performance

  • Technology internationally patented

  • With ADEX, plant managers sleep better

  • Just an Add-on to your existing control system

  • No need of long data acquisition to commission it

  • No additional I&C is required

  • Short-term payback of our platform

  • Zero-risk commercial model for new customers


ADEX adaptive predictive expert control systems optimize and solve a wide range of industrial control system problems, stabilizing process operation and maximizing performance.
Our Self-tuning AI SW Platform is an Enabler for Energy Transition, helping both power producers and large electricity consumers to improve their performance and increase their energy efficiency, raising profitability and reducing CO2 emitted.


We offer the most complete house renovating services in the country, from kitchen design to bathroom re-modelling.

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You can enjoy the benefits of our Self-tuning Artificial Intelligence features through customization of our productized applications or through our engineering projects. Once ADEX platform is installed you can extend their control capabilities to monitoring capabilities through our Plant Health Sensor model.

Control System Optimization

Finally, you can get our Technology through the integration of technology’s core capabilities in our Partners systems or equipment. This is the model known as 'ADEX Inside' where third parties leverage on adaptive predictive features to improve their products or services.

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We work with the most important companies and organizations in the energy and technology sector

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