ADEX’s VP of Global Sales, a panelist in the TCS Intelligent Power Plant online Round-table

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Digital technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) as transformational drivers in the Energy Transition Agenda for adding value in the Generation Industry

In December 2023, TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) and their TCS Intelligent Power Plant (IP2™) business unit organized a virtual event “Fast-tracking energy transition to enable climate-neutral and sustainable value creation through true digitalization.” The session was a Round-table format and held online.

Mr. Alakh SrivastavaProduct Owner TCS IP2™ IoT-DE at TCS, moderated the session, and also presented how digital tools fit and can be leveraged, vis-à-vis existing challenges, solutions, and benefits in the real world vs real business objectives, against optimization objectives, in decision-making processes, for current assets in thermal power fleets.

The event’s first speaker was Mr. ST Chander, Global Head of Connected Services IoT–DE for TCS, who presented a keynote address on the challenges facing the Power Sector. Today’s scenario is clear from debates at COP28 UAE to evident massive amounts of renewable energy deployed, a sustainable net-zero goal is important, but as part of a mix and without losing reliability, transitioning over the coming years. The keynote session highlighted the call to action. Digitalization can help that journey.

The next speaker up was Manish Singh, Global Business Head Energy Resources & Utility, IoT–DE for TCS. Expanding on the digital transformation, more benefits were explored, and industries compared, as well as a look at the risks in the electricity value chain, and an explanation of use cases. Finally, a Framework for fast tracking digital transformation was offered, using the ABCD acronym: AI, Business Analytics, Cloud and Distributed Computing.

Finally, Miguel Gillis, Global VP of Sales at ADEX, spoke about innovation, trends, and technology in Thermal Power. There were some interesting points, starting with the human factor, but also mentioning hardware vs software, process vs control, plus big data, Machine Learning (ML), IoT, and a little deeper dive into AI, and its use vs Conventional Control (PIDs). ADEX’s thesis is that Power Producers must address flexibility, performance, and reliability, among a host of other challenges, with a digital tool kit capable of optimizing certain critical loops at the plant.