“In looking for people to hire, we look for three qualities: reliability, intelligence, and passion”. José A. Martínez, CEO of ADEX

ADEX is an innovative company which has developed new mathematical algorithms to create a disruptive and patented Self-tuning Artificial Intelligence control system.

Our technology has the capability of changing the World, making industrial facilities and power plants more efficient and less contaminant hus, ADEX employees have an extra responsability to become ambassadors of a new tool which can make a better World.

We have the speed, flexibility and innovation of a small company but the corporate organization, international footprint and kind of customers of a big enterprise.

ADEX is addressing an important scale up process and we are always recruiting the best engineers to help our customers and partners to improve industrial perfomance worldwide. We have projects in USA, Europe, South America and Asia. You can join some of our local teams or being part of our central team and enjoy travelling around the globe.

if your profile matches with our Corporate Values and you want a place to leave your personal stamp, I encourage you to send us your CV to with subject “CV”.


USA engineer

Senior Control Engineer Power Plants (Spain)

ADEX is looking for a Senior Control Engineer based in our HQs at Madrid to join our Energy Unit.

He or she understands the processes in a thermal power plant and has the ability to handle with operators and operations managers both on site and remotely.

Product Manager (Spain)

ADEX is looking for a Product Manager based in our HQs at Madrid to join our team and accelarate the Big Next Step in the productization of our Self-tuning AI Platform. He or she is a passionate person with project management skills and capabilities to lead others. Our international Partners will be the customers of our products so they must be always in the focus.