ADEX Technology was awarded an article in Power Magazine with Ecoelectrica’s case

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ADEX Self-tuning AI is a disruption on the control of complex processes in the Energy Sector and Power Magazine recognizes it

The lack of interconnection with mainland grids and the limited capacity of transmission and distribution networks can make it difficult to stabilize the grid and maintain a reliable power supply. The integration of renewable energy sources into the power grid has become increasingly complex. This is particularly true for islands, which cannot see rapid growth in renewable generation without the power interconnections necessary to manage the associated challenges. That’s why the integration of renewable energy sources into the existing energy grid of islands is going to be more challenging than on the continent.

Thermal power plants have traditionally played a central role in island energy systems, providing baseload power and maintaining grid stability. However, the increasing penetration of renewable energy sources and the development of energy storage systems and microgrids have led to a re-evaluation of the role of thermal power plants in island energy systems.

A very good example of this situation is Puerto Rico that has committed to move 100% of their electricity to renewables by 2050.

However, Puerto Rico has to solve first complex issues on power grid frequency stability. Ecoelectrica is one of the key dispatchable assets in the island and the main one in regulating grid frequency. A trip of Ecoelectrica means a potential blackout in the island.

This is the story that happened on the 14th of November of 2022, where Ecoelectrica avoided a trip thanks to the ADEX Drum Level Optimizer they had just installed.

Ecoelectrica Power Plant

Power Magazine published an article with all the technical details of the solution that Ecoelectrica installed. You can read the full article:

And this is a short video case study of what happened that day: