FLEXI-BURN Project scores 93% in European Commission Evaluation

In News — December 22 2008

European Commission Directorate-General has evaluated the FLEXI-BURN Project (see news from November on inclusion of ADEX for optimization of clean coal technology) and awarded 93% marks over a range of criteria including technological excellence, competency, project management and potential impact on zero emissions.

The FLEXI-BURN project (which includes Foster Wheeler, CIUDEN, Praxair, Endesa, PKE, VTT and Siemens Energy among others) for the development of high efficiency CFB (Circulating Fluidized Bed) technology with flexible air/ oxygen operation and CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) for power plant has been evaluated by the European Commission and the findings were that:

  • The proposal “clearly went beyond state of the art” and “clearly designed to move the technology forward”.
  • Individual skills were excellent with strong industry participation, strong project management and thorough risk analysis evident.
  • Contributes to further development of CFB technology closer towards the market for zero emissions power plant at European level.
  • Market update and realization of potential are “realistic”.

It was also made clear that a main priority was the quality of CO2 to aid subsequent storage. This requirement clearly underlines the need for stable and precise control upon which such quality depends.