Grant Agreement for the CDT European Project incorporating ADEX

In News — July 2 2009

On July 2nd, the European Commission signed the Grant Agreement on the implementation of the Central Design Team (CDT) project for a Fast-spectrum Transmutation Experimental Facility within the framework of the SP5-Euratom. ADEX technology will be used in this project in the area of optimized process control.

Although nuclear power is generally consistent with sustainable development goals, further expansion of nuclear power faces public concern about nuclear waste management. The CDT project is part of the European Commission’s effort to assess the technical and economical feasibility of critical and/or sub-critical fast spectrum transmuters for a nuclear waste management option, thereby easing the development of a deep geological storage.

The CDT project objective is to develop the Engineering Design of a first-step experimental device that can serve both as a test-bed for transmutation and as a fast spectrum irradiation facility, operating as a sub-critical (accelerator driven) system, and/or as a critical reactor. The project team will also define the new R&D activities needed to support the detailed design and construction of such a facility.