New ADEX system in the Combined Cycle power plant in Besos

In News — July 12 2017

Under the CONAVA collaboration agreement between ENDESA and ADEX aimed at power station optimisation in the ENEL group, ADEX has successfully implemented the optimised control of superheated steam temperature in Group III of the Combined Cycle Central plant at Sant Adrià de Besòs (Barcelona).

Temperature control of steam at the inlet of a turbine is one of the most critical in a combined cycle plant, as the safety and stability of the operation depends on minimising problems related to thermal effects on materials which produce temperature oscillations and maximum peaks. It is especially important in combined cycle plant which is subject to frequent changes in load as adjustments are made to accommodate changes in energy demand, and constantly tests the adaptability of the plant which depends on tight control to prevent large deviations under diverse conditions.

Thanks to the ADEX optimised control system, reductions of 80% have been achieved in live steam temperature variability, maintaining a margin no greater than 2% deviation beyond the setpoint even under difficult operational conditions.